I’ve hated my body so much. It changed a bit when I years ago actually went to the gym, and the men showed me some attention: not the least for being fit or anything, but they seemed to take a liking to me for my cock. I’m skinny, and not that big, so even a ordinary cock looks big on a body like mine. That the men seemed to think “you’re alright” worked. I can be very femme, and haven’t got a deep manly voice, and no muscles what so ever.. but they accepted me in a way, didn’t call me names like I’ve heard others do so many fucking times before, didn’t care about me, just took a look at me and “you’re alright, you’re a man with that cock”.

Hated my body for ages. Childhood, youth, young adult. I still do to some extent. I’m not all that young and beautiful but at least I am a talented writer, and a pretty good artist. It’s just that my image of me, what I see in the mirror is not what I want to see because of my ideas of beauty. Luckily people at the gym had the same ideas, that having a huge cock is part of being a real man.

I may not ever go to the gym any more (well I went once this year, but only to collect my new membership card) but I have a huge cock.