I think I might still be confusing love and sex. (Also see post 87). Or perhaps is it that I just don’t know what I want any more. Do I even want more?

Attending and following and most of all: learning at the Business University is more difficult than I expected. It’s hard. It’s remote from where I live. The commuting is killing me. So. A lot of hard work but I’m managing. Spent some nights at the bromance dorm room. The results from the midterm exams are all ok or above “just good”.

Overall confused since I wonder, what is love, what is sex, what is life all about. I’m more physically close to my bromance than my boyfriend. It’s nothing sexual, but it is indeed emotional. I’m flirting with the ladies, with the boys, with the girls, with colleagues, with fellow students, and this stupid test says I’m a fluid heterosexual..