I joined the floor ball game at university once. Only did it because there was a hot guy going. I nearly missed him in the showers afterwards, as I was talking to my class mates after the game. But luckily I got a glimpse of him. He was stretching when I got back into the locker room, so I said “Good game” and he said “You’re not too bad for a beginner”, as he was bending his legs in some strange manor. “My class mates forced me to join, more or less”, I replied. “Ah, yeah, you’re with the economics students” he said, which was true of course, so I only nodded. Then my class mates came back from the showers. They were loud, so they couldn’t be missed.

The hot guy finished stretching, and opened his locker. My class mates joked around, spun their towels and hit each others, like if we were in high school. I had hoped to see more of the hotties ass, but when he had found his trunks in the locker, he sat down on the bench, and pulled them up under his towel. One of the loud obnoxious guys yelled “Don’t be shy, we’re all dicks here” to him, it wasn’t funny but I laughed a bit, because they were in fact being total dickheads. The hot guy shouted “And dick ’s all you’ll get tonight”. The loud one laughed and yelled “That goes for Ajohan too”. The hot guy looked confused, and looked at me. I just shrugged, and opened my towel to reveal my flaccid fat soft long inches to him, grabbed it, spun it around, and shouted “At least I have a nice big one to play with” at that obnoxious dude. He laughed, my classmates laughed, some one screamed “He hasn’t gotten pussy in months”. And the hot guy? His eyes were still on my dick.

[Excerpt from book coming in 2017].