Online I’m rather cool and bold, especially on Twitter. Privately I’m a bit more easygoing and reflective. Always analyzing. Talented. Nine years ago I had nothing, today I’m an independent man. For what ever that counts.

I’m congenial, flexible, thinking outside the box. To me that all comes naturally alongside my creativity. I’ve written five books in Swedish and a few short stories in English. I’ve had exhibitions in Copenhagen, Gothenburg, Stockholm and my home town Malmö.

I wrote deep poetic books that few read, and made great art that some liked, then I unzipped my pants. People went What the fuck, dude! If you ask I will of course never admit that my cock is out. But it is, and to be honest mostly so to drive macho-men mad because I’m very femme.

Interested in a read? You’ll need to learn Swedish, and then get used to my rather own language where gender and sex doesn’t matter. But don’t worry, translations are on their ways, and should come out in a while. Meanwhile: everything in Swedish is available at all major Swedish/Scandinavian retailers and on the e-bookstore both here and on my Facebook Fanpage.

Twitter without penis 

Twitter with penis