Online I’m rather cool and bold. Privately I’m a bit more easygoing and reflective. Always analyzing. Talented. Nine years ago I had nothing, today I’m an independent man.

I’m congenial, flexible, thinking outside the box. To me that all comes naturally alongside my creativity. I’ve written five books in Swedish and a few short stories in English. I’ve had exhibitions in Copenhagen, Gothenburg, Stockholm and my home town Malmö.

I wrote deep poetic books that few read, and made great art that some liked, then I unzipped my pants. People went WTF DUDE. If you ask I will of course never admit that my cock is out.

Interested in a read? English short stories are available on Amazon Kindle, and everything in Swedish is available at all major Swedish/Scandinavian retailers and on the e-bookstore both here and on my Facebook Fanpage.

Twitter without penis 

Twitter with penis