Writing isn’t always easy. I have too many unfinished manuscripts seeking my attention. I have troubles focusing on the one new thing I’m writing about. I always feel like I should have done more, been able to write more, instead of showing off my penis online, instead of being silly on Twitter.

Maybe it’s the weather: it’s been grey rain from a grey sky, the grey ground and the grey mentality of people when it’s been like this for 7 weeks. Today it actually felt like spring, 50F/10C of grey outside.

I hate winter. And it hasn’t even started yet. Here in Malmö the temperature has been hanging in it’s 50’s Fahrenheit or about 10 Celsius. And it’s grey. And it’s raining. The never ending forecast is grey skies with grey rain with a touch of grey dirt. But technically it’s still autumn because of the temperature being so high. Some years we don’t even get winters in Malmö, which I love, even if a few days of cold weather and snow could be nice if you’re under a thick blanket in front of a fire place or tv.

But it’s a great time for winter chores. I’ve cleaned out my closet and given away bags filled with clothes I never used to charity, I’ve cleaned out the flat, properly, even the cracks in the wooden floor.

Even parties during winter tend to be more exciting. I started this year with a bottle of Bollinger and a bunch of sexy men, hoping that that will set the standard for the rest of the year. But anyways please, let summer come soon.

Some man sure must believe that they have magical penises. You know, those jerks that tell muslim women shit like “if I fuck you you’ll turn christian”. Most likely that woman will not turn christian at all, but be repelled and appalled and scared for life. Honestly, a dude said that to a friend of mine the other day.

Or those dudes that tell lesbian women “you’ll turn straight if I fuck you”. As if. Just get over it that some women aren’t into cock. If you can’t handle that then you are not a man.

But. Those men believe that they have magical penises. Penises that can change the world for these women! Just from a fuck, a taste of their magic penis. Well, ladies, send them to me. I have a magic penis too! I’ll fuck them with my magic cock and they’ll turn gay. Then they won’t bother you no more.

I am a man.

Or: I’m trying!

Sometimes it’s hard being a man: usually it ends up in some macho shit that I don’t like, or some sexist shit that I can’t take either.

Sometimes it’s easy. Allowing all kinds of masculinity and recognizing your inner femme as well, standing up to those more stupid men that go about saying sexist things about ladies or men or queers or t:s.

Sometimes it’s hard. Seeing gorgeous pants and trying them on, only to find that you look ridiculous in them, when the salesperson asks “is that all you” smirking at your bulge. Or when you actually believe that a bigger size makes you more of a man.

Sometimes it’s easy. LIke when some guy tells you they want to fuck your cute little behind, and since your not in the mood you tell him that you have a bigger dick and therefor should be fucking his ass though you might destroy it because of your size.

Being a man is a million things, and more. Don’t be a jerk about it.

Sometimes I’m hard, horny, flaunting my cock online.

Sometimes I’m easy, naked and proud.

Sometimes: I AM A MAN.


the naked author: I am.

Stay bare.

I started my first tumblr in September 2011. Before that I had just tried going bare on GuysWithiPhones.com. It was a no-face shot, as was the first tumblr too: cock and no face. When I shut the first tumblr down in January 2012 it had got roughly 17.000 views in December only and was on the Calboner XL Cock Ring.

I was thrilled, and loved it, and scared, going to big, public, be known was enticing and scary at the same time. What if some one I knew recognized me? But I guess quitting was never an option. I created profiles on LPSG.org and on Dudesnude.com, joined the buttheads on ButtMagazine, and uploaded more pics on GuysWithiPhones.com.

To make it bigger I tried out sending naked photos to a handful of magazines, some never responded, some were thrilled and offered me to do spreads on paper. Since I don’t live in the US I never went through with actually doing any, but a close up cock shot was published in Handbook Men Magazine.

In June 2012 I started a new tumblr – instantly on the XL Cock Ring – and reposted and reblogged some of the old photos. At this moment roughly 80.000 views so far. Since January 2013 I have also turned more into being naked on this tumblr, under my own name, showing you both my artwork, my thoughts on things and my penis.

The response has been overwhelming. I’m very grateful that you like both my mind, my rantings, my art, and my writings as well as my cock. Thank you!

Re.Defining my self.

Remember this post on my tumblr: part 28? I mentioned I have another blog. Just cock.

I’m thinking of letting you know about that blog in the future.

Perhaps it’ll be a nice Christmas thing to do. And be cocky about it.

My holiday is coming up soon. And I’m traveling to countries that aren’t that easy going about being naked in public. I won’t be able to tan naked, to swim nude, and perhaps that’s not a mistake, but it’ll be a bit strange to have to always wear clothes. I won’t get to see sights like this for instance.


Pictures of penises.

This I like. I need to fill my home with this kind of art.

A masculine guy in a dress or high heels.

Not completely sure why, but it really works for me. Yet this isn’t queer at all. He looks so masculine all the time, not queer at all.


Yes Pavel Petel!

I feel like this some days. A saint. With guns.

I’m a well behaved dude. Nice, polite, a good co-worker, a family man so to speak, owning my home, writing fancy poetic books, getting scholarships and grants, but at the same time, a radical mind, a queer man, poly-amour and making art of my cock, showing off my cock online.

I second that. On my mind every effin’ minute. I think everyone does it.


This is really important. You have NO idea how much i do this, I am always wondering how big guys cocks are. This is like my brain scan, I’m just thinking about how big guys cocks are. i’m a terrible person. Dick is fucking ace.

Sent some art to them, they didn’t even reply. Fuck Mary.

[Mary is a magazine for the modern gay gentleman.]

I like churches. I like neon colors, I like art like this.

Even Jesus seems cool if you follow my trace of thought here: as far as I am concerned religion can be queer. Just look at it this way: queer baby Jesus HAS TWO FATHERS and one mother, not counting that Holy Spirit that does the hard work. Both Joseph and God are his fathers, both gracious enough not to pluck the flower of the Virgin mother Mary. Isn’t that a very queer idea, two fathers and a virgin mother?

It means: two fathers is good. Or perhaps it means that at least one in every healthy relationship should be a virgin.

It’s going to take for ever if you want to see my HARD wood. I’m comfortable showing it flaccid, being naked, making art out of it under my name now, but hard.. might take a while yet.

Finally I’ve been to Spain this year. I have a thing: I want to visit all European countries.

I’m using some of the photos I took in Barcelona as motives for my next set of artworks.

And I saw such a huge cock on a man, I just couldn’t believe it.

Lately I’ve been opening my windows, sitting in a chair like this, tanning in the house. I’m just too lazy to even go outside on the yard.

Out on the yard I’d have to wear speedos, to the least, so it’s better to just sit inside and tan. I need a holiday soon. Haven’t had time off in a year now.

Accidentally naked when my man got back to the house and opened the door – so that our neighbor that also just got back home saw me like this.

My poor neighbor and my poor mail man have seen me in most states. Embarrassing at times, not so embarrassing at other times. It’s all in their reactions.

My friends always told me that if all fails, if all goes to hell, down the drains, if I loose my job, people don’t buy my books, or my art for that matter, that when it is all gone to nothing: I can just resort to porn.

Don’t you have to be hung like this to do porn?

I’m not asking because I think so, actually some magazines have, since tumblr-stardom, asked me to do a photo shoot with them.

I’m from the West Coast of Sweden. I miss doing things like this. Sailing, boating, out to sea, removing all clothes. Skinny dipping in the deep sea.

Still: I’d hate living out on a small island where everyone knows everything about you. I’m more comfortable in the city.

Bought a new pair of jocks just before we travelled to Barcelona the other weekend. They are the best.

Plus it’s really the only way to make a suit look nice to have them underneath.

Spent a lot of time on my stomach today.

I was at the beach with a straight friend I don’t know that well. Like one of the few that actually haven’t seen me naked. Before today. I mean, we’re all relaxed Swedes here, so we went to the naked beach of course.

I was reading mostly. But then he wondered why I only tanned the back. I was like, uhm, kind of a boner going on here. He laughed and said he never had thought of me as a dude that was ever shy about anything.

I don’t think of my self as a shy person, but I can be a bit reserved, and well, cautious perhaps, I’ve scared a straight guy or two in my day. I looked at him and said: so you are ok with my hard on? He said: Look, I’ve already seen a few here today, I even went semi earlier, just before I jumped into the ocean, so just hit me.

So I rolled over.

Nude beach. I went today.

I love it. And I hate it.

I love it because I love to show off. I hate it because others think it’s ok to do almost anything, or try anything just because I’m relaxed and hung. Walk real close, stare. Wank off a bit away. I don’t really care, but sometimes they want me to participate, and I’m not up for that. I get off from showing off, not from doing something sexual with them.

Still when a young hot dishy guy wants to play: who am I to turn him down.

Wonderful. And Beautiful. Dying a bit.

The best time is when my man decides to go naked with me. A lazy beer on the lawn, no clothes, not a care in the world.

Sometimes people ask me if I prefer cock or pussy.

I’m astonished: I’m an ass-man.

I’d choose ass over both!

At the beach today, I was on the clothed part of it. But then I noticed a dude that stripped down and tanned a bit, drying in the sun.. so I decided to remove the speedo. There weren’t that many left at the beach – there wasn’t that many to start with – but I caught a smile off him. The man closest to me, was in between me and the dude, but he didn’t seem too bothered, so I stayed naked on my rock.


I like to have gorgeous things around me.

(Wish-list for x-mas getting longer by the minute).

The only place where I’m honest to God SHY is the urinals.

Still I ALWAYS use them.

I love flopping it out for others to see, but I have a hard time peeing actually. Not like I get hard or anything, it’s just hard to pee in front of people. Most men don’t really care I think. They just stare at my size. They don’t care if I don’t pee or not.

But it’s a hell. I hate not being able to take a casual piss easy.

Part of me finds this extremely sexy. Part of me finds this extremely sexist.

If you’ve seen the Tom Ford for women ads, you know this is even more sexist than the ones for female scents.

But we live in a (western) world where the female is an object, so why shouldn’t the male also be an object. Why shouldn’t we be sexist over men when we can’t stop being sexist over women. I think we need to sexualize the man equally, and then perhaps someone will understand that it’s not okay really to sexualize anyone at all. It’s everyone or no-one.

I’m sexualizing my self in my collages, and here, perhaps, but that’s out of my own will. Being forced is different. Fuck all them beauty ideals.

A group of men standing there, looking at the sunset.

Wonder why so many men think this is freedom?

Yet there is that really wonderful feeling when you do it in a group like this.

Not afraid, not shy, just free.

If you’re not following Abeardedboy on tumblr I think you should. I find his journey from clothed to naked to exhibitionist and more to be very intriguing.

He makes me want to do more. Be more. Go natural. Go naked. Go exhibitionist. Go sexy.

Visualizing husbands big dick.

Take me now. I need that up my bum.


This is how I look in my uniform at work, daily. A huge bulge. It just shows all the time.

No wonder people look. The other day a female colleague that I walked up to just to chit chat for a while greeted me with “you’re pretty hung, aren’t you”, the male colleague standing next to her said “I believe it’s all socks down there” and I laughed so hard I died, then said “the bother of remembering to put socks in there everyday, it’s a hazzle”. LOL.

Something smart about soul. Like my short story Beginning, available on Kobo and others, like on my Facebookpage. It was very smart about two souls intertwined, a slave trader and a slave centuries ago meeting today, two hot homosexuals.

I HOPE that I will have my photos in the Butt Calendar 2014.

I sent in 8 pictures. Pray for me! I want it so bad!

Another photo of me (I found it on a tumblr) from my profile on Dudesnude. Or is it from some other online community perhaps. Don’t know. I have naked shots like this on most of them, a naturist at home.

I actually like this photo a lot.

A room with a view, a sinister look, the big windows, the big…