Beginning, short story, ASIN: B01B8LNPN8, Where does it all begin? Where does this lust for that other guy spring from? To answer these questions the main character sets out on a long drive, just to give that interesting dude a chance, something he would never normally do. But there’s something echoing on the inside. 

Beginning is the place where it all starts. Where it all ends. Where innocence is lost, and lust explored. There’s even a note of Sweden’s darkest history involved although if it all takes place somewhere in the heartland of Texan heat.

Brothers, short story, ASIN: B013IEPVUS, A beautiful coming of age story about two brothers in the outback of nowhere. 

“Growing up, me and my brother spent a lot of time at our uncle. He had a farm in the outback of nowhere. The real outback. It was a time of coming of age, growing up on the country side, seeing how our sport jock dad loved his artsy gay brother. It was always summer there. Always good times with that hint of something serious beneath.

Later in life I discovered that things could be both a joy and upsetting at the same time. Like my brother and I are still very close. Even after my first wife told me as we were arguing: At least you’ve got a bigger dick than that brother of yours. It hurt like hell, but somewhere I had a smile inside. My brother and I are as close as our dad and his brother were.”

Cops, short story, ASIN: B016PISKEIFilthy roads run through the middle of city blocks, offering the city a different kind of bloodstream not shown on the surface, we know them as the back alleys. Where the back alley pharmacies are, where people go to do their business in the dark. Where strangers meet. Where people survive or die. 

The main character in this story has lived his whole live in the safe, dark shadows of the back alleys, and his biggest turn-on is cops. Let’s explore. In this short story Ajohan mixes horny young cops with back alley sex.