2016. Short story Letter to my mother on Amazon.

2016. Short story Beginning on Amazon [discontinued].

2015. Short stories Brothers and Cops on Amazon [both discontinued].

2015. Collages in GoNakedMagazine.

2014. Origami show in Malmö.

2013. Short story “Beginning” in German magazine Übergang issue 1.

2013. Exhibition during WestPride in Göteborg.

2013. Short story bundle in English “Ajohan in Back Alleys”.

2013. Poetry bundle “All words superfluous”.

2013. New prints of  “Where we skinny dipped and made love to villagers” and ”Out of a white world”.

2013. Photo in Handbook Men Magazine.

2013. Part of a collaborative short movie project called “Daddy’s Tapes” by Alex Girardii.

2012. Poetry bundle “A walk in the desert / the sky so dark that the ocean gets invisible and only audible”.

2012. Travel-grant and stay at the Swedish Authors Associations house in Athens, Greece.

2012. One year working scholarship from the Swedish Authors fund. 

2011. Short story collection “An elementary anatomical harmony”.

2011. Collected works “Where we skinny dipped and made love to villagers”.

2010. Contributed to the short story collection “Shameless”.

2010. Took part in the joint spring exhibition at the Galleri Lifbåtsskjulet in Skanör.

2008. Poetry in the magazine Flum.

2007. Parts of the art installation LOOK/DON’TLOOK was shown at the Gøglerskolen in Copenhagen.

2007. Poetry in the magazine Avsikter.

2007. Short story in the magazine Komma.

2007. Poetry in the magazine Ordinär.

2006. Second solo exhibition at Galleri Jo in Copenhagen.

2006. The art installation LOOK/DON’TLOOK is showed at the Stockholm House of Culture.

2005. First solo exhibition in Svedala.

2004. Took part in the judged exhibition “UngKonst” (YoungArt) in Malmö, which later the same year was also shown in Copenhagen. 

2004. First novel “Out of a white world” published.

2002. Took part of exhibition at Rooseum in Malmö.

2001. Summer exhibition at the Opera House in Ystad.

2001. End of semester exhibition at the Malmö University.

2000. Online-exhibition on Sylvester.se

1999. Exhibition during the Kobolt Culture weekend in Göteborg.

Took part in the judged exhibition “young contrasts” at the Gothenburg city library in 1998 and 1999.