2012. “A walk in the desert / the sky so dark that the ocean gets invisible and only audible”. Poetry. Only available in Swedish.

“Word by word I’m building a copy of you and placing it in my bed”. A walk in the desert is a poetry bundle about two young men, set on a tropical island where they are set out to dive. The poems in the bundle describe their evolving souls during the trip, a long state of being one with the ocean, diving, the sun and the feelings that start to grow under one of the boy’s skin. There are some memories, some outlooks to the future, but mostly the poems are on days that slowly move forward. But towards what? How do you tell your friend you have fallen in love with him? Do you even tell him? Or are you going to let yourself be destroyed?

2011. “An elementary anatomical harmony”. Short Stories. Only available in Swedish.

An elementary anatomical harmony is a dystopia of short stories revolving around desire, the human fascination of our own bodies, the darker sides of love and loss. It’s about losing someone close, losing in love, and mostly about losing yourself. What happens when you have to let it all go? Set in a modern and relentless society the short stories focus on the challenging but necessary need in having the guts to open up and dare to feel. They focus on lust, hope, and how we are, after all, just are trying to make it through the day and survive. How, despite all things, we dare to feel desire and let ourselfs be intoxicated by love. The ten short stories in this collection are embodied by the eleventh story “Bodies” where gender is left out and focus is shifted from mind to body, making it the collection’s spinal core.

2011. Collected works, poetry and short stories “Where we skinny dipped and made love to villagers”. Only available in Swedish.

2010. Contributed to the short story collection “Shameless”. Only available in Swedish.

2004. “Out of a white world”. Novel. Only available in Swedish.