The new and racist party has a new word for immigrants. “Babbe”. Sounds a bit like baboon doesn’t it? The previous word they used was “blatte” but that is nowadays very faux-pas and if you say it loud everyone will think you are a racist, which they of course does not want to be labeled as. And as you can see, Babbe is not very far away from Blatte, but is far away enough not to sound the same and probably not give the same connotations when you hear it spoken, at least not just yet.

They of course try to by language separate “us” from “them”, no matter which word they use. And they also try to explain this word with “it means kebab in local Malmö-dialect” which actually is a bit true, problem being that mostly white young men sharing those racist ideals take it in their mouth when they order a kebab. Most Swedes  simply call kebab kebab. Shouting “you fucking babbe” doesn’t sound much like “you fucking kebab” to me.

There are connections to other words as well: “babser” is danish for boobs, a word which sometimes can be heard in the south of Sweden; to “babba” is to take a dump.

So why am I going on about this? One night last autumn a member of parliament called one person “babbe” and a girl that tried to get the members of parliament to stop harassing the other guy a “whore”. Later the parliament member blamed it all on being drunk. Drunk or not, if you call someone a babbe when drunk you are probably not calling him a kebab, and if you are calling some girl a whore when drunk you should probably not be hitting the booze at all. Being drunk is not an excuse for anything. Any civilized person you know would not call a girl a whore just from being drunk.

One of my favourite Swedish words is “badsnopp” it literary means “bathing dick” which it is called due to the shrinkage that might occur when swimming around in Swedish waters. Some men seem to shrink everywhere – “oh look an immigrant, I got a bathing brain and must say stupid things since all logic just disappeared”.

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