It’s all connected. I have naked photos on gay online communities, it’s simply part of my sex life (I like showing it), and part of who I am (and men seem to like huge things). Yet I really hate it when people steal them and use them.

But. I’ve come to terms with that it happens, It’s pretty much unavoidable. And I don’t think anyone should be ashamed for their sexuality as long as it’s not hurting other people, I know I’m not ashamed. I’m here, I*m queer, get used to seeing my cock (I’m not going to flaunt it all the time).

Though: it’s already out there. So instead of trying to shut other blogs down, or have my pics taken down (like I have done) I decided that I OWN those pics of me and can choose to put it on my tumblr. Without feeling ashamed. So it’s sex and lust to start with, and a love and hate game in the end.

And in lust we trust. Obviously very unsafe for work.