There’s rarely any debate on the male body in the same way as on the female body. Yet it’s all there, the shame, the expectations, the only thing you want is to look good naked.

It’s clear that in many areas, capitalism makes it earnings from the female body being an object that you constantly need to invest in. I think this goes for the male body too. Everything that concerns the male body as weak, out of shape, too hairy, not enough hairy, too fat, having an ugly penis – all that is frowned upon. Just like so much concerning the female body is frowned upon. Hairy female armpit? Goodness me, unheard of. A man with a shrunken ugly dick? No thanks, capitalism is not interested. If you’re a male you must be strong as a warrior, it’s good if your looks are those of Spartacus, you may be hairier than a woman, but please, not too much hair.

The human body, it’s an object that we are learned to always invest in. Now you’re thinking of those lovely bears and bear cubs that you just want to hug. And yes. Maybe so, but some of them trim their body hair not to look bad, and they exercise just like the rest of us. We must believe that those crotch-lifting undies are doing wonders, must drink less since alcohol is empty calories, eat less, work out harder, color our hair, get manicures, pedicures, and we seriously believe that a certain pattern on a piece of fashion can have a slimming effect/look. Can’t we just shop our selves more beautiful? Get under the knife, just a little, just so that we can reach the desired self image? Who makes money on this? Your body or capitalism? Even men’s bodies are now driven to shopaholic behavior.

The more women that break free, the more men fall. How else would capitalism keep earning money on our bodies? You don’t look like Beckham or Ibrahimovic? It’s no longer enough that you have money and power to get the bikini models to hang around your expensive car. The more women that understand that we are indoctrinated into thinking like this and oppose them selfs to it, the harder the companies work to get men indoctrinated to believe that they have to invest in their bodies. Because the more we invest in our ugly bodies, the more we are supporting capitalism as a system. And of course we have to support it, even our retirement fundings are on the stock market these days. 

There’s no longer a free choice, since the norm and structure of it all is self preserving and is designed to sell and consume everything that can be sold and consumed, that means us. Soon men will have it like the women always have had it, the male body is disgusting and ugly and in constant need of change, while the man himself is suffering both mentally and bodily from these ideas. Besides that, your cock isn’t big enough. It probably need some kind of surgery.