My latest art project is based on a Swedish short story collection called En Grundläggande Anatomisk Harmoni (EGAH) that was first published in 2011. Title translates to An Elementary Anatomical Harmony. It didn’t sell all too well so it is now undergoing an “extreme short story collection make over”, and is transformed into art. If it sells better as art than as a book it is simply poetic justice. If it won’t reach out as literature, perhaps it will do that as art.

I take the inlay pages of the book and cut it into squares, then I take eight squares and fold them into an eight-pointed star. To make 160 stars it takes precisely 8 copies of the book. The first EGAH is an ADD ON ART lamp that consists of 1280 hand folded squares that is put together into 160 stars. The stars are placed on the Maskros lamp from IKEA. Literature will literally bring light to your home if you buy the stars. For those who so wish I can assemble the EGAH and the Maskros (you will have to come to Malmö and pick it up), but it’s more fun to do some crafts so the EGAH Star Lamp is sold as an add-on and you will get the ready hand folded stars to place on your own lamp.

The EGAH-stars made from the pages can also be bought separately or in packs of three, and there is also a black star made from the cover for purchase.

Want to see? Take a look here!