I’m trying!

Sometimes it’s hard being a man: usually it ends up in some macho shit that I don’t like, or some sexist shit that I can’t take either. Harassing men or women? What the fuck is up with that? WHY do men need to do that (other than to be asses?).

Sometimes it’s easy. Allowing all kinds of masculinity and recognizing your inner femme as well, standing up to those more stupid men that go about saying sexist things about ladies or men or queers or t:s.

Sometimes it’s hard. Seeing gorgeous pants and trying them on, only to find that you look ridiculous in them, when the salesperson asks “is that all you” smirking at your bulge. Or when you actually believe that a bigger size makes you more of a man.

Sometimes it’s easy. Like when some guy tells you they want to fuck your cute little behind, and since your not in the mood you tell him that you have a bigger dick and therefor should be fucking his ass though you might destroy it because of your size.

Being a man is a million things, and more. Don’t be a jerk about it.

Sometimes I’m hard, horny, flaunting my cock online.

Sometimes I’m easy, naked and proud.

Sometimes: I AM A MAN.